Shire Man Makes Successful Visit To The Chinese Bakery Where You Use The Tongs

A shire man is basking in satisfaction at adding the successful negotiation of that Chinese bakery where you pick up the food with a pair of tongs and put them on a tray to his skill set.

“I just smashed that thing like an absolute boss,” said Gymea carpenter Ken Woodshef as he strutted away from the shop carrying an assortment of baked foodstuffs in a multitude of little plastic bags. “I’d always been a bit intimidated by the dizzying array of exotic looking pastry products that resemble but aren’t quite the same as the sausage rolls and vanilla slices I’m used to finding in the cake shop.”

It is believed that Ken is the first person who lives south of the Georges River and north of The Royal National Park to eat at the Chinese bakery where you use the tongs.

“He spent a long time staring at the sausage in a donut before moving on and gingerly picking up one of our ham and cheese on top of a roll thingys,” observed shop assistant Vanessa Bun. “I’d noticed Ken lingering outside the shop for several lunchtimes over the past few days before moving on to Maccas but today he hitched up his pants and boldly marched straight on in.”

Woodchef considered getting one of the variations of iced green tea out of the fridge to drink before deciding that he’d been adventurous enough for one day and settling for a can of Coke Zero.

Ken’s wife Kay has filed for divorce and taken the kids to sleep at her mother’s place for the indefinite future.

Peter Green

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