Cool Conspiracy Nut Wears Backward Tinfoil Hat

Supercool conspiracy theory nut Brad McTruther has once again dazzled his nerdier colleagues by a wearing a back to front tinfoil hat in his latest profile photo.

“Oh man he looks so like a rebel. I bet he rides a motorbike and smokes roll your own cigarettes too,” said admiring fellow conspiracy nut Imogen Rothschild. “Those nerdlingers from the CIA who are trying to read his brain probably wish they were him.”

“Damn it, we just want to know the secret to being cool but Brad keeps on confounding us with that damned hat,” said frustrated CIA satellite engineer Gordon Spook. “None of us here at CIA headquarters can get a date with a good looking babe because we all look like our mum dressed us.”

McTruther incurred the wrath of swot conspiracy nuts by sitting up the back of the theatre and cracking jokes with his mates all the way through a recent screening of the documentary ‘Lizards Putting Flouride In The Water With Contrails And That’s Why The Earth Is Flat’.

“I don’t think he’s cool at all, I think he’s just an unruly delinquent,” said anti-vaxxing blogger Eloise Grassyknoll, who blushed when we mentioned his name. “Look at how that hussy Imogen carries on whenever he’s in the room excitedly telling us the Sandy Hook shooting was just a false flag incident. Giving him the eye and laughing at all his jokes which aren’t even funny.”

Peter Green

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