Shire Man Drops Ownership Of Backyard Pizza Oven Into Every Conversation

Friends of Sylvania Waters man Phillip Cowdrey have been left in no doubt about his recent installation of a backyard pizza oven.

“There doesn’t seem to be a topic of conversation that Phil can’t turn into a brag session about that freaking pizza oven,” said indoor cricket team mate Gavin Pringle. “We were talking about Black Lives Matter and somehow Phil came up with a solution that involved sitting a couple of white American cops and couple of black dudes down in his backyard and talking it all through over a thin crust Marinara.”

“We were having a chat around the water cooler after State of Origin and discussing whether Matt Moylan was muscly enough to make it as a rep rugby league player and well… guess what?” said Cowdrey’s work colleague Denise Botham. “Phil chimed in that if Matt Moylan came around to his place he’d bulk him up with a garlic bread and a thick crusted Margherita with extra basil grown in his own herb garden.”

Despite never asking, Phil’s friends and workmates have been informed that the oven can be used to make a family sized pizza, bake a proper professional standard cob loaf or do a side of lamb. Oblivious to whether anyone cares or not, Phil has made mention several times that the oven is packed in sharp sand, a courser than usual sand containing extra aggregate that really keeps the heat it.

“Not many people understand the difference between weather and climate,” said Phil during a recent Tinder date conversation about global warming. “So even as average temperatures are rising we can still expect cold winter nights, just perfect for sitting around my backyard pizza oven and downing a bottle or two of red over a toasty Quattro Stagioni.”

Peter Green

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