Girlfriend Watches You Eat Meal With Strange Smile On Her Face

Your girlfriend is watching you eat that meal she just prepared for you with that strange smile she gets when she’s put some weird ingredient in there that you wouldn’t normally eat, your brain is currently reporting to yourself.

“What’s going on? Why hasn’t she started hers yet? Why is she looking intently at my mouth to make sure I’m chewing and swallowing?” thought you after she unexpectedly brought you a plate of satay beef curry and rice when it wasn’t even dinner time. “Okay, what’s in here that would freak me out if I knew about it? Is this some odd kind of meat like organic wombat or something?”

When questioned about the recipe contained anything you should know about your girlfriend replied with “nothing” but continued to stare intently to make sure you were enjoying the meal.

“Okay, do you want to know. I used that buffalo milk instead of coconut cream,” your girlfriend admitted after you’d warily consumed the entire bowl. “Tell me what it was like, then I’ll have some myself.”

You are currently spending the rest of the afternoon closely monitoring how your tummy feels and remembering that you saw that buffalo milk in the shopping and at the time wondered what it was for.

Peter Green

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