Hector The Road Safety Cat Found Dead In Gutter

Information contained in a microchip has confirmed that the body found in a Kings Cross gutter was that of once popular RTA children’s spokesman “Hector the Road Safety Cat”.

Eyewitnesses reported seeing Hector stop at the kerb, look to the right, look to the left and then step out onto the road without looking to the right again.

“Had Hector followed his own road safety advice he might have seen the cement truck coming around the corner”, said long time friend Norm from the Life Be In It campaign.

Norm, now wheelchair bound after having both his legs amputated due to type 2 diabetes, said that a memorial service for Hector would be held this weekend.

“Hector will then be wrapped up in newspapers and buried somewhere in my backyard.”

The eulogy is expected to be delivered by animated giraffe Healthy Harold who will speak about Hector’s pioneering work in anthropomorphic child safety campaigning.

“I probably wouldn’t be alive today if it wasn’t for Hector’s solid advice on how to cross a road”, said balding middle aged cartoon character Jimmy from the Care For Kids ad. “Unfortunately Hector became much vaguer in his old age and often just wandered out into the traffic.”

Peter Green

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