“Festival Of Really Dangerous Ideas” Refuses To Ban Speech About Sticking Knife Into Toaster

The director of this year’s Festival of Really Dangerous Ideas has confirmed that he will not be bowing down to public pressure and cancelling a scheduled talk entitled “Why you should stick a knife in the toaster”.

“This festival is all about giving people a platform to air their views no matter how wildly irresponsible they may be,” said festival director Darius Bollocks. “To be sure the bloke giving this lecture is an out and out nut barnacle but to me the basis of a strong democratic society is the free exchange of opinions.”

“Don’t go sticking a knife in the toaster,” said Melinda Sparks, spokesperson for the Electronic Kitchenware Safety Committee. “There’s your fucking free exchange of opinions.”

Speeches from past Festivals of Really Dangerous Ideas include “Why you should stand on the edge of a crumbly cliff”, “How to tell if a train is coming by putting your head on the rails and listening” and “Our children should be given loaded guns to play with”.

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Peter Green

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