Man’s Four Year Old Son Paints Copy Of “Blue Poles” In Half An Hour

The four year old son of a Shire man has stunned the art world by producing an exact replica of Jackson Pollock’s abstract expressionist work “Blue Poles” in just under thirty minutes.

“Whenever that Blue Poles has been on the news I’ve always looked at it and reckoned that young Jack could have painted it in half an hour,” said Gray’s Point plumber Gavin Paskin. “Normally he just does stick men and houses with chimneys on them so I was as surprised as anyone when he got out his paints and a big roll of butcher’s paper and knocked off a perfect copy.”

“The entire art world is reeling with confusion because for years we’ve been scoffing at suggestions that a four year old could have painted any of the major works of abstract expressionism,” said shaken art critic Belvedere Mitchell-Taverner. “But young Jack’s work is indubitably a masterpiece and if anything better than the original, as it contains a much higher density of random scribbling.”

The painting of a second “Blue Poles” is good news for the National Gallery of Australia who will now be able to sell off one of the copies for $350 million while still keeping another for curious visitors to Canberra to gawk at after they’ve finished noodling around in the nearby War Memorial.

“I’m trying to decide whether my next work will be a Kandinsky or a De Kooning,” said proud artist Jack Paskin. “Though I noticed dad has a couple of old cans of Dulux in the shed so I might have a crack at a Rothko when I get home from soccer training.”

Peter Green

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