Raffle Ticket Drawn Without Sufficient Rummaging

Participants in the lucky door prize at a local school charity event were horrified to see the winning tickets taken from the very top of the bucket rather than drawn from deep within accompanied by an exaggerated display of foostering around.

“The emcee choose some doofus in the front row who obviously knew nothing about drawing a raffle ticket,” said disgruntled mother Janelle Locklear at the Penshurst North Public School trivia night. “The guy just plucked the uppermost ticket when everyone knows the correct procedure is to plunge your hand fearlessly into the middle of the bucket and scrabble around like you’re trying to grab a catfish from under a river bank.”

“The tickets that fate has placed at the top of the pile belong to absolute losers who under normal circumstance have no chance of ever winning a prize,” stated Dr Matthew Spotswood, professor of probability at the University of Wangaratta. “Furthermore it’s a well established fact that the orange tickets always get drawn out more often then the blue or green tickets, at least that’s the case whenever I have a green ticket.”

Experts are divided over whether tickets that are neatly folded stand a better chance of getting drawn out over those that are scrunched up into little balls.

“I’m just happy to have won second prize, a lovely basket of soaps and hand towels wrapped in bright orange cellophane that was donated by the local chemist shop,” said school canteen manager Kaitlyn Morgenstern. “My tactic of insisting that my tickets come from a selection of different raffle books rather than just the one has paid off big time.”

Peter Green

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