Magicians Baffled By How Other People Make Friends Appear

Australia’s magicians have admitted that they’d love to learn that trick that non magicians do where they can make friends appear by their side in social situations.
“We’ve used sleight of hand, misdirection and wearing ever more gaudy looking bow ties and top hats but none of us are able to replicate making a pal or a buddy pop out of thin air,” lamented Forestville magician Flash Jackson. “Are they hiding them up their sleeves? Concealing them with mirrors? We just can’t work it out.”
“Unfortunately for us these normal people have a code that forbids them from revealing the secret of how to make strangers like you,” said Asquith illusionist The Magnificent Garry. “The closest thing I have to a friend is my glamorous assistant Brenda who smiles adoringly at me on stage and in all my publicity photos, but who stops being my friend the moment she takes off her glittery, feather covered costume and collects her wages.”
Older magicians talk in hushed tones about the legendary Harry Houdini, who was rumoured to have several acquaintances who he would meet regularly to share a beer with and talk to about sport and current events.
“Harry Houdini took the secret of how to escape from the crushing loneliness of being a magician to his grave,” said Allambie Heights conjurer Three Card Jones. “I believe the answer may lie in ever louder introductory theme music and spending thousands more hours alone in my bedroom perfecting how to make the ace of spades disappear behind my hand.”

Peter Green

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