“Angels” Fan Very Adamant About Not Wanting To See Your Face Again

A staunch fan of Australian rock band “The Angels” left no doubt that she was in no way interested in ever seeing the face of the lead singer of a 1980s cover band when the question was put to her.

“No way, not a chance, now please go away and leave me alone,” replied Geelong resident Tina Doonside when we asked her if she fancied ever having to look at the vocalists face a second time. “Your face is indescribably ugly and I would tear my own eyes out rather than have to gaze upon it again at any point in the future.”

“I quite innocently asked Tina and the rest of the crowd if they’d like to see my face again and was quite hurt by their reaction,” said Brad Plumpton, lead singer of Angels cover band The Shadow Boxers. “The language they used was more appropriate for a sailors bar than a Sunday afternoon gig at the Corio Bay Tavern.”

Doonside’s negative attitude to ever seeing Plumpton’s face again lead to an awkward moment three days after the show when they accidentally bumped into each in the fresh fruit section of Coles in Geelong Mall.

“I complemented him on his singing and said I hoped there were no hard feelings about what I’d said about ever having to see his face again,” said the 49 year old Doonside, who works as a bee valuator for the Geelong City Council. “He mumbled something about how maybe I should fuck off and get fucked, which made it super uncomfortable when I bumped into him again later in the day at the library.”

Peter Green


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