Arnott’s Tic Tocs To Go Digital

Arnott’s are changing their iconic Tic Toc biscuits from analog to digital after discovering that modern children have no idea what an old fashioned clock face looks like.

“Kids just don’t see the old fashioned two handed clock any more and to keep Tic Tocs relevant we’ve made the decision to go digital,” said Arnott’s head biscuit designer Kingston Crumm. “You’ll still be able to get your old favourite times like half past two but they’ll be in the 24 hour clock format of 14:30 instead.”

“It’ll be sad to see the old Tic Tocs go but I guess everything has to move with the times,” said Dora Sayo from the Australian Biscuit Fanciers Club. “Generation just don’t know how to read the old clock faces anymore so Tic Tocs simply leave them baffled. I’ll be lining up at my local IGA store to buy one of the last packets when they hit the shelves later on in the year.”

Arnott’s have liaised with the International Bureau of Weights and Measures in Paris to ensure the first batch of digital Tic Tocs are accurate down to the second.

“They’re always adding leap seconds to account for variations in the earth’s orbit so we want to be certain every Tic Toc is spot on,” said Arnott’s chief timekeeper Delta Vovo. “I think people will be shocked to discover the Tic Toc they always thought was ten past ten is really a 10:09.”

Peter Green


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