Idiot Not Entitled To Opinion

In a landmark court case a judge has ruled that Shire idiot Peter Leslieson is not entitled to his opinion.

“While it is generally considered that everyone is entitled to their opinion in the case of Mr Leslieson he has exhibited an ongoing pattern of voicing such utter bollocks that this right has been withdrawn,” said justice Bradford Pearson from the High Court. “In future if Mr Leslieson wishes to voice an opinion on anything from the footy to politics to what he thinks the weather is going to do he must first run it discreetly past at least three other adults, one of whom must not be a listener to AM talk back radio.”

“I guess the world is fed up with my assertions that dessert pizza is a good idea, dogs should be allowed to marry cats and that of the 25 million people in Australia Peter Dutton is the best choice for Prime Minister,” said contrite Gunnamatta Bay used half brick valuator Leslieson. “My habit of wearing my Sharks rugby league jersey when it’s not even match day probably helped sway the judges decision.”

The High Court ruling follows a class action brought against Leslieson by co-workers, younger relatives, guests at a recent barbecue he attended and followers of the comments section of the website of the Fantasy Rugby League competition.

“I was of the belief that everyone was entitled to their opinion until Peter cornered me at the water cooler one day and bent my ear for half an hour about why the Rothschilds were behind the winner of the latest series of The Bachelor,” said fellow worker Kathleen Armstrong. “I now realise that holding and expressing an opinion is a responsibility and not an inalienable right and should not be exercised by anyone who owns a black SUV and has more than three jet skis parked on their front lawn.”

Peter Green


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