Eggbeater Given Extra Swirl In Washing Up Water

The eggbeater was given a vigorous and superfluous swirl in the soapy washing up water during tonight’s washing up, reports a satisfied shire man.

“Whether it needs it or not I always like giving the eggbeater a few spins in the lathery washing up water,” reported Alford’s Point ball bearing sizer Matt Burton. “It adds an extra thirty seconds or so to the washing up but I just can’t resist the urge to drop the beaters into the suds and give them a really good whirr around.”

“Whenever I hear Matt cackling like a madman during the washing up I know he’s reached the eggbeater,” said Burton’s girlfriend Julie. “I suspect he takes it off the drying rack and gives it a second go just for the hell of it some nights.”

The extra swirling did nothing to remove the cake mix from the blades but Burton was more than pleased with the resulting build up of bubbly matter on top of the washing up water. The double sided sponge was reportedly called into service to perform the actual cleaning duties.

Peter Green


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