Husbands Enjoy Daily Run In “Man Park”

Sydney’s first dedicated “man park” has been declared a success with hundreds of wives visiting it each day to give their husbands a chance to exercise and play with other husbands.

“We live in a small apartment and Troy is cooped up indoors all day while I’m at work so he grabs his leash as soon as I walk through the door wanting to be taken to the park,” said Penshurst North wife Cheryl Biggs. “At the man park he can get rid of all his energy and talk to the other husbands about footy and do his business, while I can chill out and have a smoke with the other wives.”

“Lots of husbands don’t have backyards or sheds any more and really need somewhere to go to have a good frolic,” said North Penshurst councillor Simone Forrest. “The husbands make friends with each other though we do get the odd fight. Funnily enough it’s the smaller husbands who are often the most aggressive.”

The council set the land aside for the park after receiving numerous complaints of noisy husbands spending hours shouting out “carn the blues” as they pined for their missing wives.

“Going to the man park is the best part of my day,” said a tired out Troy Biggs as he slurped down a bowl of beer from the park’s tap. “I really hope Cheryl has brought my squeaky rubber television remote control so we can play a game of fetch.”

Peter Green


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