Three Year Old Being Good Boy For His Mum, Reports Shire Tradie

Gunnamatta Bay toddler Jackson Atkins has confirmed that he is being a good boy for his mum after being questioned on the subject whilst watching a local tradie repair his family’s broken washing machine.

“He was reluctant to give me any kind of answer at first and tried to avoid the question by burying his face in his mum’s side,” said Taren Point washing machine repairman Terry Wilkshire. “He then said that yes he was, which was slightly at odds with his mum’s opinion that he was being a good boy most of the time.”

“I think Jackson was shy at first because he might have thought the man was from The Bad Boys Home,” said mum Leanne Jackson. “I did take the opportunity to point out the times when he wasn’t being a good boy, such as when he cries and doesn’t want to put on his jacket before going out in the cold.”

After asking the man a series of questions himself about what he was doing, Jackson reportedly lost interest and wandered off to play with his matchbox cars.

Jackson was later called back into the laundry for the important task of pressing the button to see if the washing machine was now working properly.

Peter Green


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