Shire Man Discovers Magical World On Other Side Of Floordrobe

A Shire man has found himself in a magical parallel world on the other side of his floordrobe inhabited by lions, witches and talking woodland creatures.

“I was digging right down deep into the pile of clothes in my floordrobe looking for a reasonably clean pair of underpants when I suddenly found myself standing knee high in snow in a pine forest,” said Como West landscaper Chris Bainbridge. “I was confronted by a faun who was dressed in my favourite Cronulla Sharks jersey which I hadn’t seen for about six months. He invited me back to his cottage for tea but I declined as I had a wedding to get dressed for, so I gave the undies a good sniff to make sure they had a another day left in them and bid him goodbye.”

In subsequent visits to the mythical land, Bainbridge met a white witch who offered him a piece of Turkish delight, which he knocked back because he doesn’t like eating foreign food.

He also encountered a large talking lion named Aslan, which he thought was cool but not quite as cool as the tigers at Symbio Wildlife Park.

“When I told all my mates that I’d visited a strange wondrous country filled with weird and scary creatures they assumed that I’d taken a trip over Tom Ugly’s Bridge to the rest of Sydney,” said Bainbridge, who has named the land Narnia Waters. “I’m hoping to go there again because I need a clean shirt for a christening on Sunday and I know there’s one somewhere near the back of the floordrobe that I’ve only worn a couple of times.”

Peter Green


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