Shire Man Feeling Like A Boss After Using Two 50c Coins Instead Of Dollar

An ecstatic Shire man believes it is impossible for his day to get any better after he managed to use two fifty cent coins to make a purchase instead of a dollar coin.

“I’m now able to close my wallet again without working up a sweat,” said beaming Miranda bobcat driver Carl Donnelly. “When the lady at the cake shop said the nenish tart cost $2.25 I thought I was going to have to break my five dollar note, only adding to the already dire situation regarding how much change I was having to haul around.”

Instead Donnelly was able to complete the transaction using only one of his dollar coins, supplemented by two fifty cent coins, and as an added bonus he was able to offload three five cent coins and a ten.

“I also managed to score an appreciative nod of thanks from the cake shop lady after she’d eventually added up the coins,” said an elated Donnelly as he fitted his much less bulky wallet back into his rear pants pocket. “This is almost as good as they day I managed to get rid of four fifty cent coins instead of a two dollar.”

Donnelly was so happy on that day that he brought his wife a bunch of flowers and took the whole family out to Maccas for a celebratory dinner.

Peter Green


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