Man’s Day Put On Hold Until He Finishes Counting Carriages On Passing Freight Train

The rest of a shire man’s day has been suspended until he finishes counting the number of carriages on a coal train that is currently passing through Jannali station.

“Mate I’ve got bloke in the back of this ambulance who’s had a major coronary heart attack but we aren’t going anywhere till I’ve counted all of these coal cars,” said Kareela paramedic Sam Watson. “I hope no-one distracts me because if I lose count I’m going to have to put the siren on and hare down the hill to Como to start again.”

“Sam missed the birth of our first baby because he had to stop and count the carriages on a big three locomotive job,” said Watson’s wife Trish. “We named our daughter “Maersk” in honour of the container on the last carriage before the caboose.”

NSW Railways has warned train carriage counters to resist the urge to try and jump onto the back of those flat carriages with nothing on them, no matter how strong the compulsion may be.

“I’m supposed to be on my way to a burning orphanage but this train had FOUR locomotives at the front of it and I’m already up to 37 carriages,” said Loftus fireman Chris Juggles. “This might even beat the legendary 61 carriager that I counted going through Engadine back in ’93. The other guys will understand if I don’t get there till fire’s been put out.”

Peter Green


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