Pub Quiz Player Not Prepared For Question About Naming Santa’s Reindeer

A veteran quiz player was utterly gobsmacked when he was unexpectedly asked to name all eight of Santa’s reindeer at his pub’s Christmas themed trivia night.

“Our table was 100% blindsided when Quizmaster Andy pulled that one out of thin air.” said trivia player Ted Johnson at the North Engadine Tavern’s Annual Yuletide Triviafest. “We somehow managed to get Dasher and Dancer and Donner and Blitzen between us but after that it pure guesswork.”

Ted’s team “Bong On Merrily We’re High” managed to come up with “Rocket”, “Spirit”, “Chaser” and “Dopey” for the remaining reindeer, following a robust debate which caused team member Rod to storm home early and for Ted’s girlfriend Lisa to sulk silently on her stool for the rest of the evening.

“Hat’s off to Andy for coming up with that one, as I thought I’d done my homework when I memorised the names of the three wise men and all the ghosts who visited Scrooge,” said Ted as his team limped into fifth position at the half way break. “Oh no, he’s just asked a question about what was the present on day nine of the twelve days of Christmas. I never saw that one coming.”

Peter Green


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