Fusspots Celebrate Discovery Of New Way Of Pissflapping Around Before Taking A Photo

Delegates to the World Fusspot’s Convention erupted with joy after the keynote speaker revealed that she had discovered a whole new way of faffing around before taking a group photograph.

While presenting a paper entitled “Tallest Not Always At The Back: A Whole New Way Of Fartarsing Around While Taking A Simple Photo Of Your Friends” renowned fusspot Professor Jodie Justright revealed the results of her latest research.

“This is even better than the classical “waiting for that guy in the background to move out of the way” method,” said Mortdale fusspot Estelle Dithers. “I’m still a big fan of “the sun’s not in the right spot”, “we can’t have two people dressed in red standing next to each other” and of course everyone’s favourite “can we take it again because Merilyn had her eyes closed”.”

Guest at the convention, held in 91 different buildings at Darling Harbour because no-one could agree on a venue that wasn’t too drafty or had an unsettling colour scheme, were treated to a number of other landmark talks.

Very popular was “Is It Possible To Spend Too Much Time Dicking Around In The Kitchen While Your Dinner Guests Are Waiting To Start Eating?” and “Are You Sure You’ve Got Everything You Want To Take With You In your Handbag Before Getting Out Of The Car? What About Your Second Water Bottle?“.

Meanwhile, delegates to the “Yeah Whatever” Conference decided that everything was going to be fine and called off the afternoon’s planned seminar session to go to the pub.

Peter Green


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