School Excursion To Car Museum Replaced By Visit To Teachers’ Carpark

A high school trip to the Vintage Car Museum was cancelled after students were able to get a much better experience of looking at clapped out and antiquated motor vehicles by taking a walk around the teachers’ carpark.

“OMG is that a fully working 1973 Datsun 180B,” said enraptured year eleven student Gabrielle Smythe as she admired the current ride of geography teacher Mr Andrews. “My granddad has one of these rusting away in the long grass in his backyard but I’ve never seen one that you can still drive around in.”

“I’ve never heard of a “cassette player” or “Tears For Fears” before today,” said school captain Trent Latham as maths teacher Ms Coleman proudly showed off some of the features of her 1977 Toyota Corona. “Did everybody have to carry around a plastic bottle of water for the radiator back in the seventies? How quaint.”

When asked why the there was an alarm clock, a sleeping bag and a solar powered kettle on the back seat of his 1982 Holden Gemini, history master Mr Meisel shrugged and muttered something about liking to go camping on the weekends.

“I’ve learnt heaps today,” said student Emma Rowlands. “I’ve learnt that I want to become one of those influential people who are paid heaps to recommend brands on Instagram, and in no way do I ever want to become a teacher.”

Art teacher Mr Van Look has announced that next week’s year nine excursion to the Museum of Historical Fashion has been postponed in lieu of a quick look into the staffroom at lunch time.

Peter Green


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