Woman Who Starts Each Sentence With “As A Creative” Yet To Create Anything

Friends of a Shire woman who starts each sentence with the words “As a creative” have noted that she has never actually created anything in her life.
“Jenny jams that phrase in at the start of every damn thing she says like she’s freaking Picasso or something,” said Denise Wolfram, long suffering friend of Kirrawee resident Jennifer Madeley. “Dressing up in op shop clothes and faffing around in an improv group doesn’t qualify you to say you know how Maya Angelou suffered for her art.”
“Describing herself as a “creative” is the most creative thing she’s ever done, other than editing her work’s social newsletter,” said husband Paul Madeley. “There was that time she spent three hours bending paper clips into shapes to sell as earrings at the market but even then I had to send one of the kids in a disguise to buy a pair so she wouldn’t go home with no sales at all.”
As recently as three days ago Madeley was sounding off again like she’d just gotten home from a residency at the Louvre.
“As a creative I fully understand Elon Musk’s frustration at having no-one appreciate his brilliant offer of lending a submarine to the cave rescue,” she said as she modelled one of her home made T-shirts that none of her friends have bought yet. “B T W it doesn’t matter if you haven’t said you were going to my open mic comedy show, the guy who runs it said I should be able to comp a couple of friends on the night.”

Peter Green


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